Conservation & Management Projects


The Management Plan for the National Park highlights several areas that require specific projects. Some of them are outlined below.

Goosander Nestbox Scheme

Wicklow is the only Irish county known to have a breeding population of this rare duck. A nest box scheme for Goosanders has been operational in the Park since 1995.

Redstart & Wood Warbler Survey

The Redstart and the Wood Warbler are both amber listed rare migrants and breeders in Ireland. Both are regularly sighted within the oakwoods of the Park. In 2008 the Park staff started to survey Redstarts and Wood Warblers with a view to obtaining baseline data and details on their relative abundance.

Char Release Project

The Char is believed to be extinct within the deep lakes of Wicklow. In 2008-09, a release project started to re-introduce the species to the Park.

Deer Survey & Cull

With the extinction of their only natural predator, the wolf, deer numbers are very high throughout the Park. This leads to over-grazing of many habitats, in particular the sensitive native woodlands. Each season deer are surveyed and then culled according to the results.

Grouse Management (Powerscourt Paddock)

Red Grouse are particularly dependent on a suitable habitat for optimal breeding and survival rates. The grouse within the Powerscourt Paddock area of the Park are surveyed annually and the habitat is being managed for grouse, with a programme of heather flailing and burning.



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