The Park is a popular recreational resource. However, restrictions may apply to certain activities due to conservation considerations. If you have any queries, contact us by telephone, email, post or in person.






Whether taking a short stroll, following a way marked trail, or going for a serious hike across the mountains, walking is the most popular recreational activity within the National Park.

Water Sports

Are swimming, scuba diving, boating, or other water activities permitted in the National Park?


The Miners' Village in Glendalough is popular with climbers.

Hunting & Fishing

There are limited fishing opportunities in the Park. Sport hunting is not permitted.

Wheeled Activities

Wheeled activities are restricted or forbidden within the National Park.

Dogs & Horses

Dogs are welcome, but only under full control at all times. Horse riding is by permit only.


For conservation reasons, no natural or historic items may be removed from the National Park.

Picnics & Barbeques

Where can we eat, and what can we bring?

Photography & Filming

The National Park provides many photo opportunities. Rules apply for commercial photography and filming.

Tonelegee. The name means 'backside to the wind'.



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