Facilities in Glendalough  


Car Parks

There are two main car parks for visitors to the valley. The first car park is at the Visitor Centre by the Monastic City. This car park is free of charge. Visitors parking here can walk to the Upper Lake along the pedestrian Green Road (20 minute walk). At the end of the road along the valley is a second car park - the Upper Lake Car Park. This is owned by Wicklow County Council. There is a charge to enter (currently €4). Other places to park include the Glendalough Hotel car park - for their patrons only. There is also a very limited number of parking spaces beside the Monastic City. Please note, that the road along the valley to the Upper Lake is not suitable for parking. It is very narrow and can become congested, thereby hampering emergency vehicles.

Food Options

The village of Laragh contains several options for diners, including Lynhams and the Wicklow Heather restaurants for a meal. Other options in Laragh include deli-counters in the two shops and a variety of tearooms. Further up the valley, the options are more limited. Beside the Monastic City, the Glendalough Hotel has food and bar facilities. At the Upper Lake car park is a stall selling chips, ice creams, etc.


Public toilets are available at the Visitor Centre beside the Monastic City and at the Upper Lake car park. There are no public toilet facilities at either the Information Office or the Education Centre.

Wheelchair Access

The Park has plans to commission an Access Audit for the valley. In the meantime, the paths around the lawns by the Upper Lake are all tarmac and wheelchair accessible. Discussions with wheelchair users lead us to believe that the boardwalk around the Lower Lake is smooth and wheelchair accessible, although steep in places. This route will take you between the Visitor Centre and the Upper Lake. The Green Road, however, on the south side of the Lower Lake is very rough and steep in places, and only suitable for wheelchair athletes that relish a challenge. The Miners' Road is also rough, although flat. Please note, that none of the paths have officially been approved for wheelchairs as yet, so use them at your own discretion.

Lost Property

The Park has a lost property facility at the Information Office. Visitors to the valley who have lost an item can ring 0404 45425 to enquire after it. Likewise, items found in the valley can be handed in the Information Office.

First Aid

First Aid facilities, including an AED (defibrillator) are available at the Information Office. Other emergency services may also be alerted from here.


Postcards, maps and a number of books are available to buy in the Information Office at the Upper Lake and the Monastic City Visitor Centre in Glendalough. Crafts, woollens, music and other gifts are available to purchase in Glendalough and Laragh villages. Petrol, groceries, batteries, film and stamps can be purchased in Laragh village only. There are no ATMs in Laragh or Glendalough.


For more information, please contact us by telephone, email, post or in person.



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