Many, many people visit Wicklow Mountains National Park each year, and the vast majority have a happy, carefree day. However, occasionally visitors meet problems, and it is useful to know where to look for help. Possible situations include:

  • Illness or Medical emergencies
  • Accidents
  • Missing visitors

The response for each situation is likely to differ depending on whether the incident happens in an easily accessible location or in a more remote location up in the hills.

Illness or Medical Emergencies

In the event of someone becoming unwell, medical help can be sought at a variety of locations, depending on need. Most small towns in rural Wicklow will have a pharmacy to buy basic or prescription medicine if required. Local medical help can be sourced by contacting Caredoc (a service providing doctors on call out of hours) on 0818 300 365. Within the valley of Glendalough, first aid facilities, including an AED (defibrillator) are available at the Information Office and at the Education Centre.

In the case of more serious accident or illness, dial the emergency services on 112 or 999. If the casualty is located away from a road, please ask for Mountain Rescue when you call 112 or 999. Phone coverage may be erratic in the mountains. Please note that the emergencies numbers (112 and 999) will work even when there is no phone coverage. National Park staff will also be happy to provide a phone service in emergencies.

Mountain Rescue

To call Mountain Rescue, please phone 112 or 999 and ask for Mountain Rescue.

Mountain Rescue is a voluntary service that assists people in trouble in the hills. They work all hours and in all weathers to assist those that are missing, injured or ill in the mountains. Mountain Rescue teams are made up of individuals who are highly trained in a number of specialist areas like ‘first-responder’, wilderness medical care, emergency medical technician, crag rescue, communications and search management.

The Irish Mountain Rescue Association comprises eleven Mountain Rescue Teams (MRT) and one national search and rescue dog team (SARDA). Of these, two teams cover the Wicklow Mountains – the Glen of Imaal Red Cross Team and the Dublin/Wicklow Team. They are assisted when required by SARDA and the South Eastern MRT (SEMRA).

Please remember that Mountain Rescue is a voluntary organisation. Their existence is dependent on fundraising. Please support them.

Missing Visitors

It is not uncommon for a National Park visitor to get separated from their group. In most cases, the missing person and those looking for him or her should head back to their vehicle, or to a pre-arranged meeting point. Unless the missing person is a child, a special needs adult, or a person who requires medication, it is sensible to wait for at least an hour before raising assistance. If the missing person is a child, a special needs adult or is on medication, help should be sought immediately.

Assistance can be sought from the staff of the National Park, or by ringing 112 or 999 and asking for either the GardaĆ­ or Mountain Rescue.