New Spinc access trail open

The new trail accessing the Spinc boardwalk is now open. The ‘600 steps’ have been removed and have been replaced by a graded trail. Over the next few months, the area around the trail will be planted with native trees and will be fenced off to protect the emerging trees from grazers. The new trail is a more sustainable option and will be easier to maintain in the future. It will also give easier access for Mountain Rescue and the Emergency Services when they are needed. Over the coming years, as the native woodland matures it will improve the biodiversity of the area by increasing the area’s native habitats.

To assist with physical distancing to help combat Covid -19 we are asking the public to follow a new One-Way System on some of our trails. For the Spinc Trails, the Red, White and Blue Trails, please start these walks by heading up the steps at the Poulanass waterfall (which is now one-way) and then continuing up the new trail accessing the Spinc.

We remind the public that all Spinc Trails are classed as Hill Walks. We would ask that people on these trails have appropriate navigational experience and are dressed and equipped for mountainous terrain. There are dangerous cliffs in the area and the ground will be rough and/or boggy underfoot.