Hunting & Fishing


Sport hunting is not permitted within the National Park. The primary purpose of the National Park is the conservation of nature. National Park lands are also much frequented by hillwalkers and other visitors. Both of these reasons make sport hunting unviable within the National Park.

Dog Trials

Gundog trials are carried out in the Park under permit. Shooting is not permitted while trialling.


A number of rivers and lakes within the Park are occasionally fished. The most common species caught is Brown Trout. The principal angling waters within the Park are: the Upper River Liffey, the Avonmore, Lough Dan, Glendalough Upper and Lower Lakes, Kelly’s Lough and Lough Ouler.

Fishing is permitted from 15th March to 30th September using artificial lures only. The waters in the Park are very low in nutrients and the average size of trout is very small at 15-18 cm (6-7 inches). All fish under 20.5cm (8 inches) must be returned unharmed.

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