Wheeled Activities

Wheeled activities include bicycles, mountain bikes, quads, scramblers, motorbikes, off road vehicles, etc. All have an impact on the soft ground of the National Park. Upland blanket bog and heath habitats are particularly sensitive. For this reason, many wheeled activities are restricted or forbidden within the Park.


The public roads running through the Park are used for competitive cycling, as well as for touring. Bicycles are also welcome on any hard road within the National Park, such as the forest roads around Glendalough. Off-road cycling is not allowed due to the damage it can cause to sensitive habitats. Special events and large groups will require a permit.

Be aware that only the following Walking Trails in Glendalough are suitable for cyclists:

  • The Green Route – around the lower lake.
  • The Purple Route – Down the Miners’ Road, as far as the Miners’ Village, and back the same way.
  • The Orange route – around the Derrybawn woodland trail.

None of the other Walking Trails of Glendalough are suitable. Cyclists must always give way to pedestrians.

Mountain Bike Trails

Mountain Biking is not permitted within the National Park, due to the serious damage that it does to habitats. Coillte have created two mountain bike trails within the Dublin and Wicklow Mountains area. The Ballinastoe Mountain Bike Trail is a challenging 14km of purpose built trails. The Ticknock Mountain Bike Trail has 8km of trails with bends, twists, inclines and declines.

Details of both can be found on Coillte’s website, www.coillteoutdoors.ie.


Off-road motoring and scrambling, other than motorbike trials which have received a permit, is not allowed in the National Park. Motorbike trial clubs must fulfil all the conditions of the permit in order to minimise the impact of these events. Permitted motorbike trial events have taken place at Old Boley’s and near the mines at Glendasan.

If you have any queries, please contact us.